Art Internet Design 360 was founded in 1999 by designer Thanos Sioris in Athens Greece. The passing years brought the company from London (2006) to Hong Kong (2010) and its main aim is to provide respectable presentations in internet and multimedia. Our dedication is to deliver the latest technologies to our clientele, so that they earn by investing on their website.

We have the expertise for dynamic databases, web servers, on-line platforms for E-shops, booking systems, CRM and workflow management and virtual 360° content and virtual content, all of which we create and provide by ourselves

Since 2001 we installed our datacenter in San Jose of U.S.A. The investment and the personal care is as much it needed in order to avoid even one complain for web server problems.

The summer of Olympic Games, 2004 we produce and distribute to Hellas and worldwide, our very first own multimedia title ATHENS PANORAMA™ about the beauties of Athens city in virtual tour 360° content in 7 different languages.

Unit 2201, 22/F Chung Kiu, Comm. Bldg, 47-51 Shan Tung street Mongkok, Kowloon


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